Indonesia Pharma TTAC 1

With the new regulation NO 33, Year 2018, about implementation of Track and Trace 2D Barcode in pharmaceutical production line, BPOM is trying to protect the end consumer from any fraudulent actions or illegal products. This entirely change the whole industrial printing and packaging for pharmaceutical industry. We respond to the challenge by designing a solution that is complete, integrated, comprehensive, and make it easy and economical for pharmaceutical companies to implement the new printing regulations.

The solution that made Indonesia Pharma Track and Trace system simple and easy
Indonesia Pharma TTAC 2

TOM is designed with multiple architecture (independent, centralized, and integrated architecture) along with multi stages following or replicating the stages in actual production / packaging line. This makes the software modular, and simple to adapt to different requirements of user and at the same time lowering the initial investment cost. Expand and grow as required, instead of investing in one stack of solution with so many wasted footprints that are not used, or unusable

The solution comes with printer, computer vision, controller, and software inone-package in a ready-to-use state. It can be integrated with your existingproduction /packaging line with ease, without the burden of re-investing or re-doing your entire production line. With flexibility and modularity, the software iscapable to be expanded to the next level of software system architecture that weoffer, which are Independent, Centralized, and finally Integrated

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